Hispanic Women's Experience With “el Cambio de Vida”

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PurposeTo examine the factors that influence Hispanic women's decisions to initiate or not initiate hormone replacement therapy (HRT) during menopause to manage symptoms or to prevent longer-term conditions.Data SourcesA descriptive study of 51 Hispanic women who completed the Spanish version of the Menopausal Decision-Making Questionnaire (S-MDMQ) to describe their experience with and perceptions about menopause.ConclusionsMost of the low-income Hispanic women in this study would elect not to take HRT; however, they do use exercise, diet, vitamins, and other self-care activities to manage symptoms of menopause. Hispanic women were eager to discuss how to manage their health care during perimenopause and menopause with one another and their health care providers.Implications for PracticeNurse practitioners need to understand factors that might influence Hispanic women's decisions regarding management of menopausal symptoms, including the use of HRT, and to be able to assist women in making an individ-ualized personal treatment choice that is culturally acceptable.

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