Challenges in the Assessment of Erectile Dysfunction and Treatment With Oral Therapies: Review With Case Examples

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PurposeTo review the clinical dimensions, etiology, assessment, and treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) and to increase awareness of oral therapies for this condition.Data SourcesScientific literature, consensus guidelines, and manu facturers' product information and guidelines.ConclusionsA prevalent condition, particularly in middle-aged and elderly men, ED is vastly underreported and undertreated. Oral therapies, including phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, are effective and well tolerated in many patients and represent potential first-line treatments for ED.Implications for PracticeED has been associated with both life-threatening nesses and reduced quality of life.Improving recognition and treatment of this condition and counseling patients about ED represent important clinical opportunities. A broad and expanding array of ED treatments enable therapy to be individualized to the needs of patients and their partners.

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