Chronic Care Management for the Elderly: An Opportunity for Gerontological Nurse Practitioners

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PurposeTo discuss the role that gerontological nurse practitioners (GNPs) may play in providing chronic care management for the elderly.Data sourcesReview of recent literature on chronic care management, personal experience of the authors in caring for older adults under the chronic care management model, and a case study.ConclusionsGNPs are the most appropriate practitioners to provide and coordinate chronic care management to the population that needs it most—the elderly.Implications for practiceDemographic shifts in the United States have increased the number of people with chronic illnesses; however, the nation's healthcare delivery system has not significantly evolved to meet the changing needs of its population. As a result, many people, especially older adults, suffer needlessly, and healthcare costs continue to rise. Chronic care management may alleviate older adults’ chronic health problems, reduce expenditures for their health care, and promote their satisfaction and quality of life.

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