Barriers to nurse entrepreneurship: A study of the process model of entrepreneurship

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Purpose:The potential for nurse entrepreneurship to contribute to the effectiveness of healthcare delivery is well acknowledged, yet it has not been fully realized. Using the process model of entrepreneurship, we attempted to glean information from nursing professionals through focus groups on the barriers to starting a business.Data sources:Two focus groups were used and expert moderators conducted these exercises. The first focus group included two hospital administrators, a nurse entrepreneur, an ophthalmology entrepreneur, and a dean of the nursing school familiar with nurse entrepreneurship. The second focus group used 20 students in a nurse practitioner program.Conclusions:The study findings indicate nurse practitioners and other nursing professionals do recognize the potential of nurse entrepreneurship. However, several barriers prevent them from exploiting the identified opportunity.Implications for practice:While the barriers are significant, we believe they can be overcome with coordinated action by individual nurses, professional associations, and public policy initiatives. Several suggestions are offered to nurses seeking to become nurse entrepreneurs.

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