Ensuring a nurse practitioner workforce prepared to care for older adults: Findings from a national survey of adult and geriatric nurse practitioner programs

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Purpose:To present the findings from a needs assessment of adult primary care (ANP), gerontological (GNP), and adult acute care (ACNP) nurse practitioner faculty regarding the transition to adult-gerontology NP (A-GNP) programs.Data sources:Data were obtained from two sources: (a) an online survey to identify the faculty's primary needs in order to facilitate success in this transition and (b) telephone focus groups to explore survey responses in greater depth.Conclusions:The survey and the focus group findings indicate that there is a strong need for (a) access to a set of nationally recognized competencies for A-GNPs; (b) teaching/learning resources to support faculty in implementation of A-GNP programs; and (c) formal faculty development opportunities to facilitate faculty efforts to engage in curricular redesign and innovations and assure that NP students acquire strong competence in gerontology content.Implications for practice:The transition to A-GNP has implications not only for NP faculty but also for practicing NPs. Almost all NPs care for older adults in a variety of settings. However, most of these NPs are not specialists in geriatrics. This article provides a context for self-assessment by these NPs of their own needs related to this transition.

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