Pedicled Vascularized Bone Grafts for Disorders of the Carpus: Scaphoid Nonunion and Kienböck's Disease

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The use of reverse-flow pedicled vascularized bone grafts from the dorsal distal radius makes it possible to transfer bone with a preserved circulation and viable osteoclasts and osteoblasts. The resultant primary bone healing without creeping substitution within the dead bone is an alternative to conventional bone grafting in aiding or accelerating healing, replacing deficient bone, and/or revascularizing ischemic bone. Recent advances in understanding the anatomy and physiology of vascularized pedicled bone grafts have increased their use in treating a variety of carpal maladies. A basic understanding of the vascular anatomy, as well as the surgical principles and experimental and clinical results of pedicled vascularized bone grafts from the dorsal distal radius, is critical to understanding the use of these grafts in the treatment of scaphoid nonunions and Kienböck's disease.

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