On the OxyContin scandal: Don't abandon patients in pain
New Drug Information
Multiple bumps seen on the heels
Clinical Watch
Acute Charcot's arthropathy: A difficult diagnosis
Lumbar artery avulsion after a low-energy Chance fracture
A rare, opportunistic disease in a patient with AIDS
What are the best screening instruments for PPD?
Hypochondriasis: Meeting the management challenge
Twenty-year timeline of developments in medicine and the PA profession
What is the impact of postgraduate education for PAs?
Q: Should I get the shingles vaccine?
Q: Should I get the shingles vaccine?
Patient-oriented evidence that matters
A man with an unusual sequela of alcoholism
Case of the Month
Dermatology Digest: A rare ulcer with a common cause
Dermatology Digest: A rare ulcer with a common cause
A Day in the Life: James R. Kilgore, PhD, PA
A Day in the Life: James R. Kilgore, PhD, PA
Does the Proximity of an Amputation, Length of Time Between Foot Ulcer Development and Amputation, or Glycemic Control at the Time of Amputation Affect the Mortality Rate of People with Diabetes who Undergo an Amputation?
Empowerment and Educational Goals: A Study on the Outcomes of a Mentoring Program.
Evaluation of an Educational Protocol for the Use of Nesiritide in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure.
Hepatitis C, All Genotypes and Sustained Virological Remission in Pegylated Interferon 2b/Ribavirin Treated Patients Who Also Took Nutritional Supplementation.
Investigating the Need for Age-specific Approaches to Intimate Partner Violence.
Patient Perception of Optimal Weight Goals in the Overweight Population.
Physician Assistants' Attitudes, Knowledge, and Skills about Patient Safety and Medical Errors.
Predictors of PSA Recurrence after Robot-assisted Radical Prostatectomy.
Prevalence of Sleep Apnea in Subjects with Atrial Fibrillation at a Specialty Cardiology Office.
Rheumatology Physician Assistant Role Delineation Study.
The Effects of Early Patient Education on Immunization Rates of Infants in Galveston County.
Type II Odontoid Fractures in the Elderly Treated with Cervical Orthosis.
An Atypical Presentation of Venous Stasis Ulcers in a Patient with AIDS.
An Unusual Case of Cirrhosis in a 56-year-old Male.
Pneumatosis Intestinalis and Portal Venous Gas Associated with Placement of a Balloon Foley Jejunostomy Feeding Tube.
Sacral Chordoma.
Streamlining Kidney Transplant Hospital Stay.
The Use of Vacuum-assisted Closure for Staged Skin Grafting of Plantar Foot Defects Following Oncologic Resection.
Seroma Development Following Body Contouring Surgery for Massive Weight Loss: Patient Risk Factors and Treatment Strategies.
An Unusual Reaction to Intracorporeal Injection of Phenylephrine in a Patient with SCD and Stuttering Priapism.
Relapsing Malaria Infection in an Adolescent Following Travel to Mozambique.
Academic-induced Lifestyle Changes in Student Physician Assistants.
Analysis of Grade Point Average and First-time PANCE Performance Among Graduate/Undergraduate and Full-time/Part-time Status Students of the Drexel University Physician Assistant Program: 2004-2006.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine in United States Physician Assistant Education.
Diagnostic Reasoning Skills at Entry into a Non-traditional Physician Assistant Program - Registered Nurses Versus Other Allied Health Professions.
Faculty Development Essentials in Allied Health Clinical Preceptors.
Imposter Phenomenon in Physician Assistant Education.
Interdisciplinary Coursework: Pathophysiology with PA, NP, and PT Students.
Using a Game Format to Advance Professionalism in the Second-year Physician Assistant Curriculum.
Comparison of Faculty Expectations to Student Performance on a Clinical Skills Performance Instrument.
Health Care Teams: Leadership Style, Performance, and Patient Outcome.
Student Attendance Utilizing a Classroom Management System.
Trends in Religious and Spiritual Indicators in Physician Assistant Student Application Essays.
What Do PA Students Know About Tuberculosis: Results of a Survey of the Confidence and Knowledge of PA Students Regarding Tuberculosis.
When Do Applicants Learn about the Physician Assistant Program: One Program's Nine-Year Experience.
Are Self-reported Patient Encounter Data Accurate?
Breaching Patient Confidentiality: A Pilot Study of Physician Assistants' Awareness and Attitudes.
HIV Seroprevalence Among Patients Admitted to Mulago National Hospital in Kampala, Uganda.
A Retrospective Study on the Importance of Salary in the First Job Choice of a Physician Assistant.
A Study of Tanning Operators in the State of Kansas: Their Attitudes and Stated Practices Regarding Minors and Tanning.
An Analysis of Stress-related Lifestyle Changes of Physician Assistant Students Across Several PA Training Programs.
An Assessment of Community Awareness and Perceptions of a Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, and Mental Retardation Agency and Barriers to Treatment.
Analyzing Pharmacists' Knowledge of Physician Assistant Prescribing Rights.
Antibiotic Prescribing Patterns for Acute Otitis Media in One Urban Pediatric Clinic.
Breast Cancer Awareness and Genetic Testing Among Students at Seton Hall University.
Comparison of Cardiovascular Risks in Paid Versus Volunteer Firefighters.
Diagnosis and Clinical Management of Potential Statin Myopathy in Polypharmacy.
Does a Correlation Exist Between the Number and Type of Clinical Encounters and NCCPA PANCE Scores?
Effect of Educational Materials on Patients' Ability to Recall Medication Regimens and Compliance.
Emergency Medicine Physicians' Opinions Regarding the Use of Physician Assistants in the Emergency Department Setting in Texas.
Evaluation of International Adoptive Collaborative Training.
Factors Influencing a Woman's Decision to Breastfeed.
How Physician Assistants Use Evidenced-based Medicine in their Clinical Practice.
Perceptions of Medical Research Education in Physician Assistant Programs.
Physical and Physiological Changes Observed Following the Lap-band Surgical Procedure.
Physician Assistant Knowledge and Adherence to Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Guidelines: A Pilot Study.
Practicing Physician Assistant Awareness of ATP III Cholesterol Guidelines.
The Bird Flu: How Aware Are You?
The Relationship between Asthma and Obesity.
Weeble Wobble Study: Infant Weight Gain Patterns in a Private Pediatric Setting.
Weight Loss and Perceived Improvement in Comorbidities and Psychological Well Being in Lap-band Recipients.
What are Young Adults' Attitudes, Intentions, and Behaviors Regarding Skin Cancer? A Survey Among Southern Californians.
A Case of Congenital Iisolated Hemihypertrophy in a Seven-year-old Male.
A Case of Esophageal Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 in an Immunocompetent 21-year-old Male.
A Case of Hyperbilirubinemia: A Search for the Less Obvious.
Acanthosis Nigricans in a Female Patient.
Acute Exacerbation of Chiari I Symptoms After Chiropractic Intervention.
An Uncommon Reaction to Prochlorperazine.
An Unexpected Finding in a Two-year-old with a Burn Injury to the Hand.
Congenital Liver Malformation: A Case Report.
Isolated Thrombolysis Catheter for the Treatment of Upper Extremity Deep Vein Thrombosis: A Case Study.
Lipoma Versus Liposarcoma in a 26-year-old Male.
Mental Illness in a Pregnant Female: A Case Report.
How Knowledge of Medication Regimens Influences Adherence in Ambulatory Geriatric Patients Taking Multiple Medications.
Prevalence of Nutritional Deficiency in Elderly Patients Undergoing Mohs Micrographic Surgery.
One Unified Voice for the PA Profession
Descriptive research: The nuts and bolts