The art of physical assessment: Crossing personal space
Substitutions for propoxyphene; Macrobid versus Macrodantin
What caused this pruritic eruption of the armpits?
A Day in the Life
Initiating HIV antiretroviral therapy: Criteria, evidence, and controversy
Isolated compartment syndrome of the extensor carpi ulnaris muscle
Deep brain stimulation: A review of the procedure and the complications
Breaking bad news: Communication skills for difficult conversations
All posttests must be submitted online to AAPA.
Is prasugrel more effective than clopidogrel at preventing future cardiac events?
Is dronedarone more effective than amiodarone?
When your mother wants a script: The ethics of treating family members
Cyanosis and difficulty with breathing in a newborn
Goethe's Erlköenig: A poetic drama at the close of day
Case of the Month
Case of the Month
Patient-oriented evidence that matters
Atypical femoral stress fracture in a woman on alendronate therapy