Precepting PA students: How you can touch the future
Phenytoin: An old friend that still confuses us
Lesions that continue to recur in the same place
ANTIMICROBIAL STEWARDSHIP: A proactive approach to combating resistance
The SNAP treatment approach for children with acute otitis media
Seizures induced by hot water in an otherwise healthy 18-month-old boy
An anti-inflammatory diet: The next frontier in preventive medicine
Management of migraine headache: An overview of current practice
All posttests must be completed and submitted online.
Perceptions of physician assistants regarding a specialty certification examination
Perceptions of physician assistants regarding direct-to-consumer advertising
When does treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism reduce cardiovascular risk?
…HEPATOLOGY: Triple therapy for hepatitis C
Surrogate decision makers: What if a surrogate cannot decide?
An acute elbow injury after a fall at the playground
Midnight medicine: A time when difficult decisions must be made
Case of the Month
A Day in the Life
Is this persistent tumor the cause of Bell palsy or something more severe?
Patient-oriented evidence that matters