“High on My Own Supply”: Correlates of Drug Dealing among Heterosexually Identified Methamphetamine Users

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Although rates of methamphetamine use continue to increase throughout the United States, little is known about the individuals who sell methamphetamine at the street level. This exploratory study examined the prevalence and correlates of drug-dealing behavior in a sample of 404 heterosexually identified methamphetamine users who were participants in a sexual risk reduction intervention in San Diego, California. Twenty-nine percent of participants (N = 116) reported “dealing” methamphetamine in the past 2 months. In a multivariate logistic regression, methamphetamine dealing was associated with being male (OR = 1.99; 95% CI 1.16–3.39), younger age (OR = 1.87 per year; 95% CI 1.10–3.17), more frequent use of methamphetamine (OR = 2.69; 95% CI 1.59–4.57), injecting methamphetamine (OR = 3.10; 95% CI 1.79–5.37), and higher hostility scores (OR = 1.07 per unit increase; 95% CI 1.01–1.13). These characteristics, particularly intensity of drug use and hostility, may be associated with greater resistance to drug treatment and lower success in treatment programs

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