Variation inOPRM1 and Risk of Suicidal Behavior in Drug-Dependent Individuals

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Completed suicide and nonfatal suicide-related outcomes (SROs), such as suicidal ideation and attempts, are heritable. A recent genetic association study in a sample of suicide victims reported a protective effect of the G allele of Asn40Asp (rs1799971) on risk for completed suicide. We examined the association of three OPRM1 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) (rs1799971, rs609148, and rs648893) with SRO in 426 European Americans, using GEE logistic regression analysis to examine the association of a lifetime history of SRO. There was no allelic association with the SRO phenotypes. A larger sample may be needed to identify risk variants that convey SRO risk. OPRM1 may not be important in the risk of SRO.(Am J Addict 2011;21:5–10)

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