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Neurostimulation techniques in the treatment of nicotine dependence : A review
A narrative review : The effects of opioids on sleep disordered breathing in chronic pain patients and methadone maintained patients
The frontal executive function in exercise addicts, moderate exercisers, and exercise avoiders
Predictors of early dropout in outpatient buprenorphine/naloxone treatment
Prevalence and predictors of drinking, binge drinking, and related health and social problems in Puerto Rico
Negative association of pretreatment cigarette use with smoking‐induced striatal dopamine release in smokers receiving bupropion treatment
The association of dopamine pathway gene score, nicotine dependence and smoking cessation in a rural male population of Shandong, China
Methadone maintenance dose/weight ratio, long QTc, and EKG screening
AAAP 2016 Menter
Two Projects One Mission Woman in Field
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