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The use of auricular acupuncture in opioid use disorder : A systematic literature review
A review of a national training initiative to increase provider use of MAT to address the opioid epidemic
Parental socioeconomic status and binge drinking in adolescents : A systematic review
“Just one bad high : ” Considering synthetic cannabinoid outcome expectancies in adolescents
Acute effects of resistance exercise on affect, arousal, and urge to drink in temporarily abstinent young adult hazardous drinkers
Prevalence and risk factors associated with hardcore smoking among rural daily male smokers
Patterns of the co‐use of alcohol, marijuana, and emerging tobacco products in a national sample of young adults
Development and feasibility of the misuse, abuse, and diversion drug event reporting system (MADDERS®)
Grit in patients with substance use disorders
Social context and perspectives of non‐medical prescription opioid use among young adults in Rhode Island : A qualitative study
Mixed‐amphetamine salts increase abstinence from marijuana in patients with co‐occurring attention‐deficit/hyperactivity disorder and cocaine dependence
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