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Neuroimaging the neural correlates of increased risk for substance use disorders in attention‐deficit/hyperactivity disorder—A systematic review
Concurrent treatment of PTSD and alcohol use disorder via telehealth in a female Iraq veteran
Naltrexone for the treatment of comorbid tobacco and pornography addiction
Knowledge, past use, and willingness to start medication‐assisted treatment among persons undergoing alcohol detoxification
Motivational changes of cannabis use prior to and during the course of schizophrenia
A pilot investigation of the impact of smoking cessation on biological age
Gender differences among treatment‐seeking adults with cannabis use disorder
Pattern and related factors of cognitive impairment among chronic methamphetamine users
Relationship between pathological gambling, alexithymia, and gambling type
Relative contribution of genetic, individual, and self‐efficacy factors to smoking cessation in a Chinese rural population
Newborn birth‐weight of pregnant women on methadone or buprenorphine maintenance treatment
Differential prevalence of established risk factors for poor cessation outcomes among smokers by level of social anxiety
Becoming tobacco‐free
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