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Addictions and Their Treatment 2017. Save the Date
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Electronic cigarettes and mental illness : Reviewing the evidence for help and harm among those with psychiatric and substance use disorders
Access to treatment for opioid use disorders : Medical student preparation
Long‐term follow‐up study of community‐based patients receiving XR‐NTX for opioid use disorders
Comorbidity of Internet gaming disorder and alcohol use disorder : A focus on clinical characteristics and gaming patterns
Long lasting effects of chronic heavy cannabis abuse
E‐cigarette use of young adults motivations and associations with combustible cigarette alcohol, marijuana, and other illicit drugs
Interaction between ADH1B*3 and alcohol‐facilitating social environments in alcohol behaviors among college students of african descent
Prevalence of substance misuse among US veterans in the general population
Recovery from alcohol dependence : Do smoking indicators predict abstinence?
Psychopathology and personality traits associated with driving while intoxicated in Beijing, China : Implications for interventions
Neuropsychological functioning in college students who misuse prescription stimulants
Substance use and suicide risk in a sample of young Colombian adults : An exploration of psychosocial factors
Perceived need for depression treatment among persons entering inpatient opioid detoxification
The influence of substance use on depressive symptoms among young adult black men : The sensitizing effect of early adversity
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