Affluence and Food: A Simple Way to Infer Incomes
Animal Identification and Tracing in the United States
The Effect of Strict Agricultural Zoning on Agricultural Land Values: The Case of Ontario’s Greenbelt
Can an Education Program Be a Substitute for a Regulatory Program That Bans Pesticides? Evidence from a Panel Selection Model
Low Income and Poor Health Choices: The Example of Smoking
An Analysis of the Impact of Research and Development on Productivity Using Bayesian Model Averaging with a Reversible Jump Algorithm
Determinants of World Demand for U.S. Corn Seeds: The Role of Trade Costs
Trade Costs and Deviations from the Law of One Price
Trade Costs and the Gains from Trade in Crop Agriculture
Regional Production Adjustment to Import Competition: Evidence from the French Agro-Industry
A Financial Contracting Approach to the Role of Supermarkets in Farmers’ Credit Access
Investment and Abandonment Behavior of Rural Households: An Empirical Investigation
Optimal Rebuilding of a Metapopulation
Annual Fees and Recreation Choice
Nonparametric Estimation of Mean Willingness to Pay from Discrete Response Valuation Data
Measuring Agricultural Policy Bias: General Equilibrium Analysis of Fifteen Developing Countries
The Effect of Fast-Food Availability on Obesity: An Analysis by Gender, Race, and Residential Location
Do Food Stamps Contribute to Obesity in Low-Income Women? Evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979
The Long-Run and Short-Run Impact of Captive Supplies on the Spot Market Price: An Agent-Based Artificial Market
Voluntary-Threat Approaches to Reduce Ambient Water Pollution
Average Crop Revenue Election: A Revenue-Based Alternative to Price-Based Commodity Payment Programs
Stated and Revealed Preferences for Organic and Cloned Milk: Combining Choice Experiment and Scanner Data
Optimal Rangeland Stocking Decisions Under Stochastic and Climate-Impacted Weather
Agriculture and Rural Development in India Since 1947
Animal Spirits: How Human Psychology Drives the Economy, and Why It Matters for Global Capitalism
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