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Richard T. Carson
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The Global Supply and Demand for Agricultural Land in 2050 : A Perfect Storm in the Making?1
Innovation and Productivity Growth
Economic Incentives to Improve Water Quality in Agricultural Landscapes : Some New Variations on Old Ideas
Governance Structures, Political Economy and Public Policy
Political Institutions and Agricultural Trade Interventions in Africa
Constitutional Reforms and Food Policy
The Political Economy of Food Policies : The Role of Political Institutions
A Global General Equilibrium Analysis of Biofuel Mandates and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Food, Fuel, Forests, and the Pricing of Ecosystem Services
Total Factor Productivity Change in Agriculture and Emissions from Deforestation
Land Use and Climate Change : A Global Perspective on Mitigation Options
Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Genetically Modified Foods with Product-Enhancing Nutritional Attributes
Do Positive Nutrition Shelf Labels Affect Consumer Behavior? Findings from a Field Experiment with Scanner Data
Reading Food Labels, Food Prices, and Adult Lifestyle Choices : Regular Physical Activity and Healthy Weight
Adult Obesity and the Price and Availability of Food in the United States
Information, Prices, and Healthy Lifestyle Choices of Adults : Discussion
Information, Prices, and Healthy Lifestyle Choices of Adults : Discussion
Economies of Scope of Lending and Mobilizing Deposits in Microfinance Institutions : A Semiparametric Analysis
Systemic Risk, Index Insurance, and Optimal Management of Agricultural Loan Portfolios in Developing Countries
Arsenic Mitigation in Bangladesh : A Household Labor Market Approach
Microfinance, Rural Finance, and Development : Multiple Products for Multiple Challenges
Dynamics of Biofuel Stock Prices : A Bayesian Approach
Estimating the Risk-Return Tradeoff in Agribusiness Stocks : Linkages with the Broader Stock Market
Bayesian State-Space Estimation of Stochastic Volatility for Storable Commodities
Discussion of Volatility in Agribusiness-Oriented Asset Markets : Peeking Through a Bayesian Window
The Decision to Import
Trade Dynamics under Policy Uncertainty
Does the Type of Exports Affect the Odds that an Overseas Office Exists?
Entry Fixed Costs to Trade : Estimates, Dynamics, and Policy
Alternative Pathways for Fulfilling the RFS Mandate
Supply of Cellulosic Biofuel Feedstocks and Regional Production Pattern
What to Conclude About Biofuel Mandates from Evolving Prices for Renewable Identification Numbers?
Effects of Biofuel Mandates in a Context of Ethanol Demand Constraints, Cellulosic Biofuel Costs, and Compliance Mechanisms : Discussion
Production and Risk Prevention Response of Free Range Chicken Producers in Viet Nam to Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Outbreaks
The Quasi-Option Value of Delayed Input Use under Catastrophic Drought Risk : The Case of No-Till in Morocco
Concept and Unintended Consequences of Weather Index Insurance : The Case of Mexico
Covariate Catastrophic Risk Management in the Developing World : Discussion
Are Experimental Auctions Demand Revealing when Values are Affiliated?
The Role of Training in Experimental Auctions
Social Desirability Bias in Real, Hypothetical, and Inferred Valuation Experiments
Methodological Developments and Issues in Experimental Auctions : Discussion
Assessment of Environmental Impacts Embodied in U.S.-China and U.S.-India Trade and Related Climate Change Policies
Does Trade Liberalization Induce More Greenhouse Gas Emissions? The Case of Mexico and the United States Under NAFTA
Is There Anything New about Border Tax Adjustments and Climate Policy?
Trade Liberalization, Climate Change Policies, and The Environment : The Growing Interaction and Impact
Food Trade and Food Safety Violations : What Can We Learn From Import Refusal Data?
Food Import Refusals : Evidence from the European Union
Trade Deflection Arising from U.S. Import Refusals and Detentions in Fishery and Seafood Trade
Border Inspections and Import Refusals in Agri-Food Trade : Issues and Empirical Evidence
Defining Sustainable Food Market Segments : Do Motivations and Values Vary by Shopping Locale?
Consumer Preferences for Product Origin and Processing Scale : The Case of Organic Baby Foods
Retailer Decisions about Organic Imports and Organic Private Labels
Consumer-Driven Changes in Food Marketing Channels : Organics and Sustainable Food Systems in the United States
Farm Commodity Payments and Imputation in the Agricultural Resource Management Survey
Comparative Survey Imputation Methods for Farm Household Income
Imputing Missing Information in the Estimation of Production Functions and Systems
Economic Implications of Imputation in Agricultural Economic Data : Discussion
Natural Selection : 2006 E. Coli Recall of Fresh Spinach
Rembrandt Enterprises, Broken Eggs
The Acquisition of IBP by Tyson Foods in 2001 : Pre- and Post-Merger Financial Performance
Invited paper case study : Discussion
Allender, William. “Brand Loyalty and Equilibrium Promotion Strategies.” MS Thesis, Arizona State University. Outstanding Masters Thesis Award
Bayham, Jude. “A General Equilibrium Analysis of Biofuel Market Policies.” MS Thesis, University of Idaho. Outstanding Masters Thesis Honorable Mention
Rue, Christopher. “Area-Yield Crop Insurance Reconsidered (Again) : An Empirical Analysis of Demand for Area Yield Insurance for Rice Farmers in Peru.” MS Thesis, University of California, Davis. Outstanding Masters Thesis Honorable Mention
Cobourn, Kelly M. “Incentives for Individual and Cooperative Management of a Mobile Pest : An Application to the Olive Fruit Fly in California.” University of California, Davis. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Hintermann, Beat. “Pricing Carbon : Allowance Price Determination in the EU ETS.” University of Maryland. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Honorable Mention
Chantarat, Sommarat. “Pro-Poor Risk Management : Essays on the Economics of Index-based Risk Transfer Products.” Cornell University. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Honorable Mention
Colson, Gregory. “Improving Nutrient Content Through Genetic Modification : Evidence from Experimental Auctions on Consumer Acceptance and Willingness to Pay for Intragenic Foods.” Iowa State University. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Honorable Mention.
Comparing Alberta University Student and General Population Awareness of Co-operatives
Halfmann, Sadie. “Consumer Preference of a Liquor Store in Their Community and an Appropriate Location.” Sadie Halfmann, Angelo State University, third-place paper
Rushin, Johnna. “Agricultural Economics or Agribusiness, What’s in a Name?” Oklahoma State University, Undergraduate Paper Competition, second place
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