Geography Matters
A Fully Calibrated Generalized Constant-Elasticity-of-Substitution Programming Model of Agricultural Supply
Spatial Price Discrimination in Agricultural Product Procurement Markets
Estimation of Mixture Models using Cross-Validation Optimization
The Development and Estimation of a Latent Choice Multinomial Logit Model with Application to Contingent Valuation
North American Oriented Strand Board Markets, Arbitrage Activity, and Market Price Dynamics
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Cheap Talk Scripts and Online Choice Experiments
Impact of Counter-Urbanization on Size, Population Mix, and Welfare of an Agricultural Region
Migratory Responses to Agricultural Risk in Northern Nigeria
Whose Fast and Whose Feast? Intrahousehold Asymmetries in Dietary Diversity Response Among East African Pastoralists
How Much Does the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Reduce Food Insecurity?
Does the National School Lunch Program Improve Children’s Dietary Outcomes?
A Model of Labeling with Horizontal Differentiation and Cost Variability
The Productivity of Nanobiotechnology Research and Education in U.S. Universities
Structural Agricultural Land Use Modeling for Spatial Agro-Environmental Policy Analysis
Effects of Size-Based Environmental Regulations
Agricultural Water Security and Instream Flows for Endangered Species
Agricultural Economics Series
Sustainability Science for Watershed Landscapes