Agricultural Trade and the GATT/WTO
World Food Demand
How much Do Decoupled Payments Affect Production? An Instrumental Variable Approach with Panel Data
A Structural Model of the Analysis of Retail Market Power
Bidding for WIC Infant Formula Contracts
Repeated Rounds with Price Feedback in Experimental Auction Valuation
Does Regulation of Manure Land Application Work Against Agglomeration Economies? Theory and Evidence from the French Hog Sector
Risk Aversion
Forecasting Food Inflation in Developing Countries with Inflation Targeting Regimes
Multiple-Regime Spatial Price Transmission with an Application to Maize Markets in Southern Africa
Latent Thresholds Analysis of Choice Data under Value Uncertainty
Accounting for Heterogeneity in Multicrop Micro-Econometric Models
Testing Day’s Conjecture that More Nitrogen Decreases Crop Yield Skewness
Quantifying the WASDE Announcement Effect
Testing the Infrequent Purchases Model Using Direct Measurement of Hidden Consumption from Food Stocks
The International Hand-book on Non-Market Environmental Valuation
Pillars of Prosperity
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