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The Science of Design
Kahneman’s Psychology of Value
Stabilizing the Global Climate
Use of Local Markets by Organic Producers
Store Format Choice in Organic Food Consumption
Comparison of Production Costs and Resource Use for Organic and Conventional Production Systems
The Economics of the Organic Food System
Economic Stressors and the Demand for “Fattening” Foods
Impacts of Economic and Psychological Factors on Women’s Obesity and Food Assistance Program Participation
From Default to Choice
Insights into Obesity from a Behavioral Economics Perspective
Does the Indexing of Government Transfers Make Carbon Pricing Progressive?
The Impact of Border Carbon Adjustments Under Alternative Producer Responses
Some Unaddressed Issues in Proposed Cap-and-Trade Legislation Involving Agricultural Soil Carbon Sequestration
Climate Change Policy Design
Dynamic Agricultural Supply Response Under Economic Transformation
Networks and Transaction Costs
Impact of the National Agricultural Advisory Services (Naads) program of Uganda
Agricultural Extension, Transactions Costs, and Supply Response
Productive Efficiency and the Scope for Cooperation in Polygynous Households
Inequality, Reciprocity, and Credit in Social Networks
The Role of Cooperation and Reciprocity in Structuring Carbon Sequestration Contracts in Developing Countries
Cooperation, Reciprocity and Altruism in Developing Countries
Export Restrictions and Price Insulation During Commodity Price Booms
Export Restrictions as Stabilization Responses to Food Crisis
Alternative Policies to Agricultural Export Bans that are Less Market-Distorting
Agricultural Export Restrictions
A Generalized Measure of Marginal Risk Aversion
Farmer Discount Rates
Digging into Background Risk
Minimum Wages, Immigration Control, and Agricultural Labor Supply
The U.S. Produce Industry
Immigration Policy and its Possible Effects on U.S. Agriculture and the Market for Hired Farm Labor
Food Safety Pressures Push Integration in China's Agricultural Sector
Chinese Consumers' Demand for Food Safety Attributes
Standard Harmonization as Chasing Zero (Tolerance Limits)
Effect of Video Information on Consumers
The Private Provision of Animal-Friendly Eggs and Pork
Policy Concerns of Midwestern Grain Producers for the 2012 Farm Bill
Evaluation of U.S. Policies and the Supply Management Proposals for Managing Milk Margin Variability
Understanding Regional Differences in Farm Policy Preferences
Rural Wealth Creation
Federal Policy, Rural Community Growth, and Wealth Creation
The Role of Public Wealth in Recovery and Resiliency to Natural Disasters in Rural Communities
Consumer Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Oak Attributes in Washington Chardonnays
Sensory Evaluation and Experimental Auctions
Is the Baja California, Mexico, Wine Industry a Cluster?
How the Cookie Crumbles
Capturing Demand for Functional Foods
Chambers, Steven W. “An Evaluation of Oregon’s Land-Use Planning System
Fernandez-Martinez, Ana. “Wildlife Conservation in Zambia
Michelson, Hope. “Small Farmers and Big Retail
Menapace, Luisa. “Geographical indications and quality promotion in food and agricultural markets
Gopalakrishnan, Sathya. “Shifting Shorelines
Allison, Marc S. “The future of Biofuels
Award-Winning Undergraduate Paper
Abstracts of Second- and Third-Place Undergraduate Papers
“A Review of FDA Imports Refusals—US Seafood Trade 2000–2010,” Sabrina Westra, University of Alberta, Third-Place Paper
Report of the AJAE Editors 2010
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