The Effects of Farm Commodity and Retail Food Policies on Obesity and Economic Welfare in the United States
Estimating Market Power of U.S. Dairy Cooperatives in the Fluid Milk Market
Sharp Breaks or Smooth Shifts? an Investigation of the Evolution of Primary Commodity Prices
Modeling Agricultural Supply Response Using Mathematical Programming and Crop Mixes
WIC and the Price of Infant Formula
Modeling A Household’s Choice among Food Store Types
The Long-Term Structure of Commodity Futures
Will They Stay or Will They Go? The Political Influence of GM-Averse Importing Companies on Biosafety Decision Makers in Africa
Investment in Cellulosic Biofuel Refineries
Collective Reputation, Social Norms, and Participation
The Self Selection of Complexity in Choice Experiments
Source Diversification and Import Price Risk
Obesity and the Economics of Prevention
Risk, Uncertainty and the Agricultural Firm
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