Government Insurance Program Design, Incentive Effects, and Technology Adoption
Aggregate and Farm-Level Productivity Growth in Tobacco
Explaining the Evolution of Poverty
Nonparametric Estimates of the Components of Productivity and Profitability Change in U.S. Agriculture
Farmer Participation in Supermarket Channels, Production Technology, and Efficiency
Productivity Change under an Individual Transferable Quota Management System
Structural Changes in the Time Series of Food Prices and Volatility Measurement
Food Expenditure and Involuntary Retirement
Honey Bee Pollination Markets and the Internalization of Reciprocal Benefits
Using USDA Forecasts to Estimate the Price Flexibility of Demand for Agricultural Commodities
Animal Breeding and Productivity Growth of Dairy Farms
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Optimal Coverage Level Choice with Individual and Area Insurance Plans
Food Policy for Developing Countries
Economic Growth and Income Inequality in China, India, and Singapore
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