Vegetable Spirits and Energy Policy
Are Food Choices Really Habitual? Integrating Habits, Variety-seeking, and Compensatory Choice in a Utility-maximizing Framework
Income and the Environment in Rural India
A Structural Land-Use Analysis of Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change
The Effects of Well Management and the Nature of the Aquifer on Groundwater Resources
Rent-Seeking and Incentives for Compliance in the Commons
Revisiting the Role of Education for Agricultural Productivity
Dynamic Persistence of Primary Commodity Prices
Inferred and Stated Attribute Non-attendance in Food Choice Experiments
Limited Attention to Search Costs in the Gasoline Retail Market
Principles of Macroeconomics
Artemisia annua, Artemisinin, ACTs & Malaria Control in Africa
Why Nations Fail
Explaining the Evolution of Poverty
Stuck on Stubble? The Non-Market Value of Agricultural Byproducts for Diversified Farmers in Morocco
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