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Market Power, Misconceptions, and Modern Agricultural Markets
Food and Health
Incorporating Process-Based Crop Simulation Models into Global Economic Analyses
Agronomic Weather Measures in Econometric Models of Crop Yield with Implications for Climate Change
Modeling the Structure of Adaptation in Climate Change Impact Assessment
Technological vs. Ecological Switch and the Environmental Kuznets Curve
Functional Form of Water Pollutants-Income Relationship under the Environmental Kuznets Curve Framework
Endogeneity in the Environmental Kuznets Curve
The Impact of Biofuels on Commodity Food Prices
Global Impacts of the Biofuel Mandate under a Carbon Tax
Food vs. Fuel
Can India Meet Biofuel Policy Targets? Implications for Food and Fuel Prices
The New Normal? A Tighter Global Agricultural Supply and Demand Relation and Its Implications for Food Security
U.S. Farm Prosperity
The New Normal? U.S. Food Expenditure Patterns and the Changing Structure of Food Retailing
The New Normal
Trait-based Adoption Models Using Ex-Ante and Ex-Post Approaches
Farmers' Heterogeneous Valuation of Laser Land Leveling in Eastern Uttar Pradesh
Bundling Technology and Insurance
Measuring Social Networks' Effects on Agricultural Technology Adoption
Expanding Horizons
Relative Consumption
Female Social Networks and Farmer Training
Risk Aversion, Subjective Beliefs, and Farmer Risk Management Strategies
Risk Perceptions And Preferences For Ethical And Safety Credence Attributes
Personal Values and Decision Making
Modeling Grassland Conversion
The Effects Of Government Payments On Cropland Acreage, Conservation Reserve Program Enrollment, And Grassland Conversion In The Dakotas
Using Mixed Logit in Land Use Models
Total Factor and Relative Agricultural Productivity and Deforestation
Implications of Alternative Agricultural Productivity Growth Assumptions on Land Management, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Mitigation Potential
Crop Productivity and the Global Livestock Sector
Natural Resource Curse and Poverty in Appalachian America
The Distribution Of Household Net Worth Within And Across Rural Areas
Uniqueness of Agricultural Labor Markets
Immigration and Farm Labor
Is There A Farm Labor Shortage?
The Growth Of The Federal Crop Insurance Program, 1990–2011
What Harm Is Done By Subsidizing Crop Insurance?
Why Do We Subsidize Crop Insurance?
Wind versus Nuclear Options for Generating Electricity in a Carbon-Constrained World
A USDA-Certified Biobased Product Introduction
A Sugar Crossroad
Brown, Zachary Steven. “The Economics of Malaria Vector Control.” PhD Dissertation, Duke University. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Önel, Gülcan. “Modeling Nonlinearities in Agricultural Factor Markets.” PhD Dissertation, North Carolina State University. Doctoral Dissertation Honorable Mention
Kaczan, David. “Designing an Incentive Program to Reduce On-Farm Deforestation in the East Usambara Mountains, Tanzania.” MSThesis, niversity of Alberta. Outstanding Master's Thesis Award.
Dobis, Elizabeth A. “A Sociodemographic Analysis of Health Care Utilization in the United States.“ MS Thesis, Purdue University. Outstanding Master's Thesis Honorable Mention
Kaufman, Zachary. “Agricultural Best Management PracticeAdoption Decisions and Spatial Dependence in Southeastern Pennsylvania Farms and Watersheds.” MS Thesis, Pennsylvania State University. Outstanding Master's Thesis Honorable Mention.
The Effects of Teaching Experience on High School Education
Abstracts of Second- and Third-Place Undergraduate Papers
Abstracts of Second- and Third-Place Undergraduate Papers
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