Conditional Election and Partisan Cycles in Government Support to the Agricultural Sector
Immigrant Workers and Farm Performance
Evaluating the Trade Restrictiveness of Phytosanitary Measures on U.S. Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Imports
Changes in Beef Packers’ Market Power after the Livestock Mandatory Price Reporting Act
The Welfare Impacts of Commodity Price Volatility
The Estimation of Threshold Models in Price Transmission Analysis
Counterproductive Counternarcotic Strategies?
On Estimating the Effects of Immigrant Legalization
Are Results from Non-hypothetical Choice-based Conjoint Analyses and Non-hypothetical Recoded-ranking Conjoint Analyses Similar?
Tenure Constraints and Carbon Forestry in Africa
Old Farmer Pension Program and Farm Succession
Influencing Natural Forest Disturbance through Timber Harvesting
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Household-Level Welfare Effects of Organic Milk Introduction
Rules versus Discretion in Food Storage Policies
The Economics of Regulation in Agriculture
Modernising Agrifood Chains in China