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Production Incentives from Static Decoupling
Disinvestment, Farm Size, and Gradual Farm Exit
Impact of Cost Shocks on Consumer Prices in Vertically-Related Markets
Profit-Maximizing Land-Use Revisited
Committed Procurement in Privately Negotiated Markets
On the Use of Honesty Priming Tasks to Mitigate Hypothetical Bias in Choice Experiments
Crop Insurance Adjusted Panel Data Envelopment Analysis Efficiency Measures
An Inverse Demand System for New England Groundfish
Accounting for the Poor
Trade Promotions and Consumer Search in Supermarket Retailing
Slotting Allowances under Supermarket Oligopoly
How Do Supermarkets Respond to Brand-Level Demand Shocks? Evidence from the German Beer Market
Mechanization and Agricultural Technology Evolution, Agricultural Intensification in Sub-Saharan Africa
Agricultural Mechanization in Ghana
The Rapid Rise of Cross-Regional Agricultural Mechanization Services in China
Factor Endowments, Wage Growth, and Changing Food Self-Sufficiency
Determinants of Food Deserts
The Effect of Revised WIC Food Packages on Native American Children
Bridging the Gap
Food Store Access, Availability, and Choice when Purchasing Fruits and Vegetables
Public R&D, Private R&D, and U.S. Agricultural Productivity Growth
Reducing the Environmental Efficiency Gap in Global Livestock Production
Will Yield Improvements on the Forest Frontier Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions? A Global Analysis of Oil Palm
Impact of Agricultural Productivity Gains on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Ethanol without Subsidies
Economic, Energy Security, and Greenhouse Gas Effects of Biofuels
On the Indirect Effect of Biofuel
Agricultural Spillover Effects of Cash Transfers
The Impact of Voucher Coupons on the Uptake of Fertilizer and Improved Seeds
Encouraging Development
Identifying the Impact Dynamics of a Small-Farmer Development Scheme in Nicaragua
Food and Agriculture in Ethiopia
Agricultural Transformation in a Global History Perspective
Relationship Economics