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Agricultural Policy Analysis: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly*
The Role of Economics in Interdisciplinary Environmental Policy Debates: Opportunities and Challenges
Expenditure Response to Increases in In-Kind Transfers: Evidence from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Nutritional Efficiency Wages and Unemployment: Where's the Beef?
Does Participation in 4-H Improve Schooling Outcomes? Evidence from Florida
Strategic Interactions Among Private and Public Efforts When Preventing and Stamping Out a Highly Infectious Animal Disease
Self-Protection, Strategic Interactions, and the Relative Endogeneity of Disease Risks
The Economics of Collective Reputation: Evidence from the Wine Industry
Journals, Preferences, and Publishing in Agricultural and Environmental Economics
Examining the Relationship between the Use of Supermarkets and Over-nutrition in Indonesia
Position Bias in Best-worst Scaling Surveys: A Case Study on Trust in Institutions
Latin American Agriculture in a World of Trade Agreements
Agricultural Production under Climate Change: The Potential Impacts of Shifting Regional Water Balances in the United States
Deforestation Control and Agricultural Supply in Brazil
Farmers' Adaptation to Extreme Weather Events through Farm Management and Its Impacts on the Mean and Risk of Rice Yield in China
China's Dairy United: A New Model for Milk Production
Hoover Seeds, inc.: A Period of Transition
Price Stability and Economic Sustainability-Achievable Goals? A Case Study of Organic Valley®
Cohen, Jed Jacob. “The Effect of Mountain Pine Beetle Induced Tree Mortality on Home Values in the Colorado Front Range.” Master's Thesis, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Outstanding Master's Thesis
Hilland, Amy. “Implications Of The Yuan-Dollar Exchange Rate And Commodity Trade Between China, The United States, And Competitors.” Master's Thesis, University of Idaho. Outstanding Master's Thesis
Zhao, Tianli. “Economic Modeling of Point-to-Point Source Water Quality Trading in the Upper Passaic Watershed Accounting for Fixed and Variable Costs.” Master's Thesis, Cornell University. Outstanding Master's Thesis Honorable Mention
Allender, William. “Demand for Variety Under Costly Consumer Search: A Multi-Discrete/Continuous Approach.” PhD Dissertation, Arizona State University. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Honorable Mention
Bayham. Jude. “Characterizing Incentives: An Investigation of Wildfire Response and Environmental Entry Policy.” PhD Dissertation, Washington State University. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Honorable Mention
Collier, Benjamin L. “Financial Inclusion and Natural Disasters.” PhD Dissertation, University of Kentucky. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Luckstead, Jeffrey. “Essays in Policy Analysis: Strategic Trade Theory and the Elimination of Agricultural Subsidies.” PhD Dissertation, Washington State University. Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation
Dynamic and Stochastic Resource Economics: Essays on Biodiversity, Invasive Species, Joint Systems, and Regulation
Crop Yields and Global Food Security: Will Yield Increase Continue to Feed the World?
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