HPV and HPV vaccine information among a national sample of college and university websites

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Background and purpose:To describe the availability of human papillomavirus (HPV) and HPV vaccine information accessible to college students via official college and university websites.Methods:A review and analysis of HPV and HPV vaccination information abstracted from a national sample (n = 214) of college/university websites. Three abstractors systematically evaluated quality and quantity of vaccination, sexual health, and HPV disease information from health service webpages.Conclusions:The majority of colleges/universities had designated student health service webpages (n = 181). Of these, 86% provided information on vaccinations, but less than 50% mentioned HPV or the HPV vaccine specifically and only 32% provided any HPV educational information. Colleges/university webpages that provide sexual health and or general vaccination information had higher odds of providing information on HPV and HPV vaccination.Implications for practice:Nurse practitioners who care for college-aged persons need to be cognizant of the many ways they can promote HPV vaccination. Providing accurate information about resources available at student health centers is a way to promote health on campus; the findings from this study indicate that HPV and HPV vaccine information may be lacking on many college/university websites.

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