Practice-based Research Theme Issue and 2006 Highlights
How Can Practice-based Research Contribute to the Elimination of Health Disparities?
Barriers and Motivators for Making Error Reports from Family Medicine Offices
Poor Nutritional Habits
Rural Community Members' Perceptions of Harm from Medical Mistakes
The Prevalence of Dysphagia in Primary Care Patients
The “Measuring Outcomes of Clinical Connectivity” (MOCC) Trial
Validity of Parental Reporting of Recent Episodes of Acute Otitis Media
Cross-Sectional Comparison of Electronic and Paper Medical Records on Medication Counseling in Primary Care Clinics
Practice-based Assessment of Tobacco Usage in Southwestern Primary Care Patients
The IRB Challenge for Practice-based Research
The Role of Health Information Technology in the Translation of Research into Practice
Information Technology in PBRNs
Characterizing a Practice-based Research Network
Strategies for Planning and Launching PBRN Research Studies
National Institutes of Health Eliminates Funding for National Architecture Linking Primary Care Research
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine Online Use on the Upswing
Reviewers for the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine in 2006
American Board of Family Medicine Diplomate Certification
Correction to “Incretin Mimetics and DPP-IV Inhibitors
Correction to “Adult Fat Intake Associated with the Presence of Children in Households