Third Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine Practice-based Research Theme Issue
Improving Performance in Prevention
Effect of Antibiotics on Vulvovaginal Candidiasis
Cardiovascular Risk Education and Social Support (CaRESS)
Self Determination Theory and Preventive Care Delivery
Barriers to Supplemental Calcium Use Among Women in Suburban Family Practice
High Blood Pressure Knowledge Among Primary Care Patients with Known Hypertension
Underinsurance in Primary Care
Efficiency of a Two-Item Pre-Screen to Reduce the Burden of Depression Screening in Pregnancy and Postpartum
Improving Mammography Screening Using Best Practices and Practice Enhancement Assistants
Implementation of Evidence-Based Preventive Services Delivery Processes in Primary Care
Institutional Review Board Training for Community Practices
Practice-based Research Network Membership is Associated with Retention of Clinicians in Underserved Communities
A Novel Approach Using an Electronic Medical Record to Identify Children and Adolescents at Risk for Dyslipidemia
Adoption of Exercise and Readiness to Change Differ Between Whites and African-Americans with Hypertension
Primary Care of Overweight Children
Family Medicine
American Board of Family Medicine and Maintenance of Certification for Family Physicians