Focus on Clinical Practice
Content Usage and the Most Frequently Read Articles by Issue in 2011
Proportion of Family Physicians Providing Maternity Care Continues to Decline
The Impending Crisis in the Decline of Family Physicians Providing Maternity Care
Guest Family Physician Commentaries
Costs Associated with Data Collection and Reporting for Diabetes Quality Improvement in Primary Care Practices
Using Electronic Health Record–Based Tools To Screen for Bipolar Disorder in Primary Care Patients With Depression
Primary Care, Depression, and Anxiety
Pain and Depression in a Cohort of Underserved, Community-Dwelling Primary Care Patients
Racial Disparities and Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening in Rural Areas
Septicemia in Patients With AIDS Admitted to a University Health System
Acupuncture for Hot Flashes
“They Told Me To Leave”
Current Oral Antiplatelets
Guidelines for the Management of Cognitive and Behavioral Problems in Dementia
Practical Guidelines for the Recognition and Diagnosis of Dementia
Successful Endoscopic Repair of an Iatrogenic Colonic Perforation During Diagnostic Colonoscopy
Strongyloides as a Cause of Fever of Unknown Origin
Many Sample Closet Medications Are Expired
Puzzling Dyspnea Caused by Respiratory Muscle Weakness
Correction to “Answers to Common Clinical Questions”