Bread and Butter of Family Medicine: Guidelines, Population Screening, Diagnostic Evaluations, and Practice Models
Clinical Practice Guidelines—Is “Regulation” the Answer?
The Need to Systematically Evaluate Clinical Practice Guidelines
Care Coordination for Primary Care Practice
Care Coordination and Population Management Services Are More Prevalent in Large Practices and Patient-centered Medical Homes
5-Day versus 10-Day Course of Fluoroquinolones in Outpatient Males with a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
Prediabetes Screening and Treatment in Diabetes Prevention: The Impact of Physician Attitudes
Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) for Colon Cancer Screening: Variable Performance with Ambient Temperature
Patient-Reported Offers of Alcohol Treatment for Primary Care Patients at High-Risk for an Alcohol Use Disorder
Comparison of Medical Diagnoses among Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex-Partnered Patients
A Clinical Aid for Detecting Skin Cancer: The Triage Amalgamated Dermoscopic Algorithm (TADA)
Presenting Signs of Multiple Myeloma and the Effect of Diagnostic Delay on the Prognosis
Watchful Waiting Strategy May Reduce Low-Value Diagnostic Testing
Problem Drug-related Behavior and Discontinuation of Opioids Following the Introduction of an Opioid Management Program
Statin Therapy as Primary Prevention in Exercising Adults: Best Evidence for Avoiding Myalgia
Physician Advice for e-Cigarette Use
Perspectives of Primary Care Providers Toward Palliative Care for Their Patients
Almond “Appetizer” Effect on Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) Results
Medical Home Implementation in Small Primary Care Practices: Provider Perspectives
“How Can We Talk about Patient-centered Care without Patients at the Table?” Lessons Learned from Patient Advisory Councils
Physician Cost Consciousness and Use of Low-Value Clinical Services
“A Paradox Persists When the Paradigm Is Wrong”: Pisacano Scholars' Reflections from the Inaugural Starfield Summit
Researchers' Experience with Clinical Data Sharing
Nonbacterial Causes of Lymphangitis with Streaking
Re: Social Justice as the Moral Core of Family Medicine: A Perspective from the Keystone IV Conference
Response: Re: Social Justice as the Moral Core of Family Medicine: A Perspective from the Keystone IV Conference
Re: Over Half of Graduating Family Medicine Residents Report More Than $150,000 in Educational Debt
A Message from the President of the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM)
Correction to “The Performance of Fertility Awareness-based Method Apps Marketed to Avoid Pregnancy”
Correction to “Family Physicians with a Certificate of Added Qualifications (CAQs) in Sports Medicine Spend the Majority of Their Time Practicing Sports Medicine”
Correction to “Reported Practice Patterns Among Family Physicians With a Geriatrics Certificate of Added Qualifications”
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