Executive summary: evaluating the evidence base to support the inclusion of infants and children from birth to 24 mo of age in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans — “the B-24 Project” 1–3
USDA Nutrition Evidence Library: methodology used to identify topics and develop systematic review questions for the birth-to-24-mo population 1–4
The marriage of nutrigenomics with the microbiome: the case of infant-associated bifidobacteria and milk 1–5
Ontogeny of taste preferences: basic biology and implications for health 1–5
Infant formula and infant nutrition: bioactive proteins of human milk and implications for composition of infant formulas 1–3
Protein needs early in life and long-term health 1–4
Learning to eat: birth to age 2 y 1–4
Physical activity in infancy: developmental aspects, measurement, and importance 1–4
Impact of maternal diet on human milk composition and neurological development of infants 1–3
WIC Infant and Toddler Feeding Practices Study: protocol design and implementation 1–4
Data needs for B-24 and beyond: NHANES data relevant for nutrition surveillance of infants and young children 1-3