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DHA-enriched high-oleic acid canola oil improves lipid profile and lowers predicted cardiovascular disease risk in the canola oil multicenter randomized controlled trial1-3
Determinants of body composition in preterm infants at the time of hospital discharge1-3
Kinetics of 13C-DHA before and during fish-oil supplementation in healthy older individuals1-3
Human protein status modulates brain reward responses to food cues1-3
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Revision of Dietary Reference Intakes for energy in preschool-age children1-4
Interindividual variability of lutein bioavailability in healthy men: characterization, genetic variants involved, and relation with fasting plasma lutein concentration1-5
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Childhood growth, schooling, and cognitive development: further evidence from the Young Lives study1-3
Effect of weight loss, exercise, or both on cognition and quality of life in obese older adults1-4
Rice consumption is not associated with risk of cardiovascular disease morbidity or mortality in Japanese men and women: a large population-based, prospective cohort study1-3
Metabolomics in nutritional epidemiology: identifying metabolites associated with diet and quantifying their potential to uncover diet-disease relations in populations1-3
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Performance of the Automated Self-Administered 24-hour Recall relative to a measure of true intakes and to an interviewer-administered 24-h recall1-3
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Single-nucleotide polymorphisms in SLC22A23 are associated with ulcerative colitis in a Canadian white cohort1-4
Clinical implication of vitamin D threshold
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Dietary sodium and cardiovascular health strategies
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