Eating for two? The unresolved question of optimal diet in pregnancy 1-3
Postprandial lipemia induces pancreatic a cell dysfunction characteristic of type 2 diabetes: studies in healthy subjects, mouse pancreatic islets, and cultured pancreatic a cells 1-3
Fish-oil supplementation alters numbers of circulating endothelial progenitor cells and microparticles independently of eNOS genotype 1-4
Compartmental neck fat accumulation and its relation to cardiovascular risk and metabolic syndrome 1-3
Validation of equations used to predict plasma osmolality in a healthy adult cohort 1-4
Improving women’s diet quality preconceptionally and during gestation: effects on birth weight and prevalence of low birth weight—a randomized controlled efficacy trial in India (Mumbai Maternal Nutrition Project) 1-5
Isoflavone supplement composition and equol producer status affect gene expression in adipose tissue: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled crossover trial in postmenopausal women 1-4
Folate is absorbed across the human colon: evidence by using enteric-coated caplets containing 13C-labeled [6S]-5-formyltetrahydrofolate 1-4
Effect of micronutrient supplementation on treatment outcomes in children with intrathoracic tuberculosis: a randomized controlled trial 1-4
Effects of dietary interventions on neonatal and infant outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis 1-3
High protein intake from meat as complementary food increases growth but not adiposity in breastfed infants: a randomized trial 1-4
Feeding practices and child weight: is the association bidirectional in preschool children? 1-4
Hypocaloric compared with eucaloric nutritional support and its effect on infection rates in a surgical intensive care unit: a randomized controlled trial 1-5
Intake of dietary flavonoids and risk of epithelial ovarian cancer 1-4
Body-composition predictors of mortality in women aged ≥75 y: data from a large population-based cohort study with a 17-y follow-up 1-4
Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D, mortality, and incident cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, cancers, and fractures: a 13-y prospective population study 1-4
Fish and fatty acid consumption and the risk of hearing loss in women 1-3
Orange juice (poly)phenols are highly bioavailable in humans 1-3
Intravenous glutamine supplementation enhances renal de novo arginine synthesis in humans: a stable isotope study 1-4
Effect of dietary phosphate intake on the circadian rhythm of serum phosphate concentrations in chronic kidney disease: a crossover study 1-4
GLP-1 response to 2 energy-matched snacks
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Differential association of sugar-sweetened beverages in men and women: is it the sugar or calories?
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Is nut consumption associated with decreased risk of type 2 diabetes?
Sleep duration and energy intake: timing matters
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