New health benefits of dairy products1,2
Whole-grain wheat consumption reduces inflammation in a randomized controlled trial on overweight and obese subjects with unhealthy dietary and lifestyle behaviors: role of polyphenols bound to cereal dietary fiber1–5
Deranged endocannabinoid responses to hedonic eating in underweight and recently weight-restored patients with anorexia nervosa1–3
Aerated drinks increase gastric volume and reduce appetite as assessed by MRI: a randomized, balanced, crossover trial1–5
A high whey protein-, leucine-, and vitamin D-enriched supplement preserves muscle mass during intentional weight loss in obese older adults: a double-blind randomized controlled trial1–3
Dairy intake is associated with brain glutathione concentration in older adults1–3
First-trimester plasma tocopherols are associated with risk of miscarriage in rural Bangladesh1–4
Associations of maternal BMI and gestational weight gain with neonatal adiposity in the Healthy Start study1–5
Isoleucine-to-methionine substitution at residue 148 variant of PNPLA3 gene and metabolic outcomes in gestational diabetes1–4
Infant BMI peak, breastfeeding, and body composition at age 3 y1–4
Infant feeding effects on early neurocognitive development in Asian children1–4
Visceral adiposity is negatively associated with bone density and muscle attenuation1–4
Sodium content in major brands of US packaged foods, 20091–4
Fish intake and risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 2 large US cohorts1–4
Chocolate consumption and risk of diabetes mellitus in the Physicians’ Health Study1–4
Modifiable early-life risk factors for childhood adiposity and overweight: an analysis of their combined impact and potential for prevention1–4
Difference between 24-h diet recall and urine excretion for assessing population sodium and potassium intake in adults aged 18–39 y1–5
The impact of lipid-based nutrient supplement provision to pregnant women on newborn size in rural Malawi: a randomized controlled trial1–4
Genetic loci associated with circulating phospholipid trans fatty acids: a meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies from the CHARGE Consortium1–7
Nut consumption and risk of mortality in the Physicians’ Health Study1–4
Physiologic norm for vitamin D supported, not challenged
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B-vitamin trials meta-analysis: less than meets the eye
Homocysteine lowering, B vitamins, and cognitive aging
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