Gynecologic Oncology — 1982-2002
Phase II studies in advanced, recurrent pelvic malignancies
Carcinoid tumors of the uterine cervix
Combination therapy with progestins and tamoxifen in advanced breast cancer
An evaluation of tamoxifen dose escalation in advanced breast cancer
VP-16 and adriamycin in patients with advanced breast cancer
Combination chemotherapy with continuous infusion vinblastine and peptichemio for patients with advanced metastatic breast cancer
Doxorubicin plus VP-16-213 for the treatment of refractory breast carcinoma
A pilot study of mitomycin-C and tamoxifen (MT) versus dibromodulcitol, adriamycin, and tamoxifen (DAT)
Cancer of larynx in west of Scotland
Phase II clinical evaluation of AZQ in colorectal cancer
A phase II study of aziridinylbenzoquinone (AZQ) in advanced large bowel carcinoma
Phase II evaluation of DON (6-Diazo-5-Oxo-L-Norleucine) in patients with advanced colorectal carcinoma
Metachronous bilateral Wilms'tumor
Preliminary results of RTOG phase I/II study of misonidazole and radiation for bladder cancer*
Intermittent regional infusion of chemotherapy for pancreatic adenocarcinoma
Letter to the Editor
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