Frederick R. Eilber
Empiric Weather Report and Prospectives for the Future
The Influence of Hematogenous and Serosal Metastases on Advanced (FIGO IIA-IVB) Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Cervix
Cisplatin Plus VP16 213 in Refractory Ovarian Carcinoma
A Phase II Study of AMSA in Head and Neck Cancer
Primary Oat Cell Carcinoma of the Larynx
Cyclophosphamide, Etoposide, and Infusion Cisplatin in Refractory Small Cell Lung Cancer
Hepatitis in Patients Receiving Intraarterial Chemotherapy for Metastatic Colorectal Carcinoma
Treatment of Liver Metastases with a Combination of Chemotherapy and Hyperfractionated External Radiation Therapy
Treatment of Advanced Colorectal Carcinoma with Actinomycin D, Vincristine, Methyl-CCNU, and Methotrexate
5-Fluorouracil and High-Dose Folic Acid Treatment for Metastatic Colon Cancer
Is Preoperative Computed Tomography Necessary in the Management of Patients Treated for Carcinoma of the Prostate by 125Iodine Interstitial Implantation and Bilateral Pelvic Lymphadenectomy?
Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Males with Cancer of the Breast
Assessment of Malignancy Potential in Mammary Carcinoma in Elderly Patients
A Randomized Trial of Aminoglutethimide ± Estrogen Before Chemotherapy in Advanced Breast Cancer
Prognostic Factors in Early Carcinoma of the Endometrium
Amsacrine [4'-(9-Acridinylamino)-Methanesulfon-m-Anisidide] (m-AMSA) and 5-Azacytidine (AZA) for Remission Reinduction in Patients with Relapsed Adult Acute Nonlymphocytic Leukemia An ECOG Pilot Study
Lack of Value for Cisplatin Added to Mitomycin-Doxorubicin Combination Chemotherapy for Carcinoma of Unknown Primary Site A Randomized Trial
Fungal Infection Caused by Fusarium in Cancer Patients
Radiation-Protective Drugs and Their Reaction Mechanisms
Cutaneous Photobiology
Toxicology of the Blood and Bone Marrow.(Target Organ Toxicology Series)
Magnetic Resonance in Cancer
The Dosimetry of Ionizing Radiation
Radiology of Lymphomas
Radiology 87
First Eastern Clinical Hyperthermia Symposium & Workshop
Second International Gamma Med Remote Afterloading Symposium
Critical Issues in Tumor Microcirculation, Angiogenesis, and Metastases
American Board of Radiology Examinations