Basic and Clinical Radiation Physics
The Link Between Physics and Biology
Basic Radiobiology
Tumor Biology
Predictive Assays of Tumor Radiocurability
Chemical Modification of Radiation and Chemotherapy
Combined Modality Therapy Using Cytotoxic Agents and Radiation Therapy
Dose Fractionation and Volume Effects in Normal Tissues and Tumors
Particle Radiation Therapy Research Plan
Monoclonal Antibodies for Use in Radiotherapy and Diagnosis
Immunosuppressive Techniques Using Radiation
Biological and Clinical Aspects of Hyperthermia in Cancer Therapy
Radiation Therapy and Surgery
Applications of Data Bases and AI/Expert Systems in Radiation Therapy
Oncologic Imaging
Research Plan for Radiation Oncology—1987
Quality Control and Assurance
Quality-of-Life Assessment in Cancer Patients