Current Concepts in the Management of Prostatic Cancer
Pharmacological Studies on Androgen Suppression in Therapy of Prostate Carcinoma
Histological and Functional Changes of the Testis Tissue During GnRH Agonist Treatment of Prostatic Cancer
A Review of the Hammersmith Hospital, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, and Institute of Urology Studies of Buserelin in Advanced Prostatic Cancer
Treatment of Locally Advanced Prostatic Carcinoma With LHRH Analogues
Efficacy of Buserelin in Advanced Prostate Cancer and Comparison With Historical Controls
Results of a Dutch Trial With the LHRH Agonist Buserelin in Patients With Metastatic Prostatic Cancer and Results of EORTC Studies in Prostatic Cancer
Endocrine and Clinical Evaluation of 107 Patients With Advanced Prostatic Carcinoma Under Long-Term Pernasal Buserelin or Intramuscular Decapeptyl Depot Treatment