Morphologic Identification of Mycelial Pathogens in Tissue Sections
Detection of Chromosomal Translocations in Leukemia
Automated Primary Screening for Gynecologic Cytology
Proposed Guidelines for Primary Screening Instruments for Gynecologic Cytology
Comparative Analysis of Interphase FISH and RT-PCR To Detect bcr-abl Translocation in Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia and Related Disorders
A Comparative Analysis of FISH, RT-PCR, and Cytogenetics for the Diagnosis of bcr-abl Positive Leukemias
Acute Myeloid Leukemia With Minimal Differentiation
Immunohistochemical Staining for DNA Topoisomerase IIa in Hodgkin’s Disease
Morphologic Criteria for the Preliminary Identification of Fusarium, Paecilomyces, and Acremonium Species by Histopathology
Ambiguity in the Identification of Streptococcus pneumoniae Optochin, Bile Solubility, Quellung, and the AccuProbe DNA Probe Tests
Routes of Hepatic Metastasis of Gallbladder Carcinoma
Image Cytometric Measurement of Nuclear Proliferation Markers (MIB-1, PCNA) in Astrocytomas
Homologous Carcinomas of the Breasts, Skin, and Salivary Glands
Value of the Ber-EP4 Antibody in Differentiating Epithelial Pleural Mesothelioma From Adenocarcinoma
Hepatobiliary Lymphoepithelioma-Like Carcinoma Associated With Epstein-Barr Virus
Effects of Thermal Endometrial Ablation
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Atlas of Lung Cytology 1.0 (CD-ROM)
Atlas of Diagnostic Cytopathology
Atlas of Diagnostic Cytopathology
Left Shift and Inflammation
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Conflicting Results in the Use of Antibody Panels
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