Infection and America’s Blood Supply
On Trial
Loss of Tumor Suppressor Gene Expression in High-Grade But Not Low-Grade Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphomas
Transient Increase in Blasts Mimicking Acute Leukemia and Progressing Myelodysplasia in Patients Receiving Growth Factor
Improved Detection of CD5 Epitope in Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Sections of Benign and Neoplastic Lymphoid Tissues by Using Biotinylated Tyramine Enhancement After Antigen Retrieval
CD8-Positive Mantle Cell Lymphoma
Prostatic Adenocarcinoma With Atrophic Features
Detection of K-ras Point Mutations in the Supernatants of Peritoneal and Pleural Effusions for Diagnosis Complementary to Cytologic Examination
The Role of Conventional Cytology, Immunocytochemistry, and Flow Cytometric DNA Ploidy in the Evaluation of Body Cavity Fluids
CD5 Labeling of Thymic Carcinomas and Other Nonlymphoid Neoplasms
The Status and Distance of Cone Biopsy Margins as a Predictor of Excision Adequacy for Endocervical Adenocarcinoma In Situ
Tumor Angiogenesis in Stage II Colorectal Carcinoma
Adenocarcinoma In Situ in Cervical Smears With a Small Cell (Endometrioid) Pattern
Lack of Efficacy for Conventional Gamma Irradiation of Platelet Concentrates to Abrogate Bacterial Growth
Evaluation of a New Rapid D-Dimer Assay for Clinically Suspected Deep Venous Thrombosis (Liatest D-Dimer)
Prolonged Prothrombin Time and Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time Due to Underfilled Specimen Tubes With 109 mmol/L (3.2%) Citrate Anticoagulant
Stability of Plasma for Add-On PT and APTT Tests
Falsely Elevated INR Results Due to the Sensitivity of a Thromboplastin Reagent to Heparin
Problems Associated With Passively Transfused Blood Group Alloantibodies
Seroprevalence of HHV-8 Antibodies in HIV-Positive Homosexual Men Without Kaposi’s Sarcoma and Their Clinical Follow-Up
Histological Diagnosis of Tumours by Pattern Analysis
Katzenstein & Askin’s Surgical Pathology of Non-Neoplastic Lung Disease
Automated Screening
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