The Effect of Long-Term Acid Suppression on Gastric Mucosal Histology
Prevalence of Myeloperoxidase Gene Expression in Infant Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
Flow Cytometric and Immunohistochemical Analysis of Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma, Mantle Cell Lymphoma, and Plasmacytoid Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma
Acute Erythroleukemia
Monoclonal IgH Gene Rearrangement in Microdissected Nodules From Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin Disease
Primary Central Nervous System Lymphomas in 72 Immunocompetent Patients
Proton Pump Inhibitor-Associated Gastric Polyps
The Histopathology of Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug-Associated Colitis
Cyclin D1 and MIB-1 Immunohistochemistry in Ependymomas
Bile Duct Brushing Cytology
Sensitivity and Specificity of Antibodies on Necrotic Tumor Tissue
Comparative Analysis of p53 Mutations in Bladder Washings and Histologic Specimens
Interobsenrer Variability of a Papanicolaou Smear Diagnosis of Atypical Glandular Cells of Undetermined Significance
Recent Advances in Soft Tissue Tumor Diagnosis
The Results of Diagnostic Studies for Thrombophilia in a Large Group of Patients With a Personal or Family History of Thrombosis
A Cross-Canada Survey off Prothrombin Time Testing
The 33rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Clinical Laboratory Physicians and Scientists
Red Cell Transfusion
Transfusion Medicine
Tumor Cell Dyscohesion in Carcinoma of the Breast
A Strong Predictor in Carcinoma of the Breast
Appendix Nodosum (Vernix Caseosa Peritonitis in Gastroschisis)
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