Clinical Impact of Preoperative Screening for Gastric Mucin Secretion in Cervical Discharge by HIK1083-Labeled Latex Agglutination Test

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The present study evaluated the clinical impact of preoperative screening for gastric mucin in cervical discharge, using a latex agglutination test with HIK1083, a monoclonal antibody against gastric mucin. HIK1083-labeled latex agglutination tests were performed preoperatively using cervical secretions from 44 patients (group 1) with profuse watery vaginal discharge, multiple cervical cysts on vaginal ultrasonography, or yellowish mucin on a Papanicolaou smear and from 31 patients (group 2) with none of these clinical signs. The results were positive in 26 patients in group 1 and in no patients in group 2. Glandular lesions with a gastric phenotype were identified histologically in all 26 cases positive for the HIK1083 latex test, such as minimal deviation adenocarcinoma, lobular endocervical glandular hyperplasia (LEGH), and pyloric gland metaplasia, but not in negative cases. In 2 cases of LEGH, adenocarcinoma in situ was identified. Screening of gastric mucin in cervical discharge may facilitate preoperative detection of some early cervical adenocarcinoma.

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