Family Protection and Prevention of Alcohol Use Among Hispanic Youth at High Risk
Understanding the Role of Neighborhood Context in the Long-Term Criminal Consequences of Child Maltreatment
Decreasing Psychiatric Symptoms by Increasing Choice in Services for Adults with Histories of Homelessness
An Intergroup Contact-Theory Framework for Evaluating Racial Climate on Predominantly White College Campuses
Sex Differences in Social Support and Self-Efficacy Within a Recovery Community
Using Methods That Matter
The Origins of Hopelessness Among Inner-City African-American Adolescents
Decoupling the Relation Between Risk Factors for Conduct Problems and the Receipt of Intervention Services
Democratic School Climate and Sense of Community in School
Sense of Community in Clubhouse Programs
Negotiating Risk
Defining Location in the Mental Health System
Effectiveness of a Community-Based Advocacy and Learning Program for Hmong Refugees
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