Research and Action for Bridging Science and Practice in Prevention
Bridging the Gap Between Prevention Research and Practice
Unpacking Prevention Capacity
Bridging Science and Practice in Violence Prevention
The Getting To Outcomes Demonstration and Evaluation
Building Capacity of State Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalitions to Implement Science-Based Approaches
Bridging Science to Practice
Use of Quality Management Methods in the Transition from Efficacious Prevention Programs to Effective Prevention Services
Youth-Adult Partnerships in Decision Making
The Diffusion of Youth-Led Participatory Research in Urban Schools
Using Planned Adaptation to Implement Evidence-Based Programs with New Populations
How Culture Impacts the Dissemination and Implementation of Innovation
From Innovation to Implementation
Implementation Matters
Challenges in Supporting Community Implementation of Science-based Programs
The Prevention Delivery System
Promoting Science-based Approaches to Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Researchers, Practitioners, and Funders
Public Health Asks of Community Psychology…
Recognition of Reviewers for the Special Issue on Dissemination and Implementation