Understanding Sarason's Concepts of School Cultures and Change: Joining a Community in School Improvement Efforts
Power as a Structural Phenomenon
Contextualizing Acculturation: Gender, Family, and Community Reception Influences on Asian Immigrant Mental Health
A Structural Model of Racial Discrimination, Acculturative Stress, and Cultural Resources Among Arab American Adolescents
Examining Multi-Sector Community Collaboratives as Vehicles for Building Organizational Capacity
Councils as Empowering Contexts: Mobilizing the Front Line to Foster Systems Change in the Response to Intimate Partner Violence
Religious Congregations as Mediating Structures for Social Justice: a Multilevel Examination
Thinking About the Future as a Way to Succeed in the Present: A Longitudinal Study of Future Orientation and Violent Behaviors Among African American Youth
Do Social Connections and Hope Matter in Predicting Early Adolescent Violence?
Preliminary Efficacy of an Intervention to Reduce Psychosocial Stress and Improve Coping in Low-Income Families
Natural Mentoring Processes Deter Externalizing Problems Among Rural African American Emerging Adults: A Prospective Analysis
Supportive Non-Parental Adults and Adolescent Psychosocial Functioning: Using Social Support as a Theoretical Framework
How we Became the Schmams: Conceptualizations of Fairness in the Decision-Making Process for Latina/O Children
The Role of Childhood Neglect and Childhood Poverty in Predicting Mental Health, Academic Achievement and Crime in Adulthood
Welfare Policies and Adolescents: Exploring the Roles of Sibling Care, Maternal Work Schedules, and Economic Resources
A Geographic Analysis of Chronically Homeless Adults Before and After Enrollment in a Multi-Site Supported Housing Initiative: Community Characteristics and Migration
From the Macro to the Micro: A Geographic Examination of the Community Context and Early Adolescent Problem Behaviors
Contrasting Social Climates of Small Peer-Run Versus a Larger Staff-Run Substance Abuse Recovery Setting
Desistance from Intimate Partner Violence: the Role of Legal Cynicism, Collective Efficacy, and Social Disorganization in Chicago Neighborhoods
Predicting Perceived Risk of Crime: a Multilevel Study
Like a Fish Out of Water: Reconsidering Disaster Recovery and the Role of Place and Social Capital in Community Disaster Resilience
Six-Year Sustainability of Evidence-Based Intervention Implementation Quality by Community-University Partnerships: The PROSPER Study
Unikkaartuit : Meanings of Well-Being, Unhappiness, Health, and Community Change Among Inuit in Nunavut, Canada
A Critical Analysis of Approaches to the Development of Preventive Interventions for Subcultural Groups
Erratum to: Healing Men and Community: Predictors of Outcome in a Men's Initiatory and Support Organization
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