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New Opportunities
Universal Prevention Exposure as a Moderator of the Community Context
Mapping the Social World of Classrooms
Reducing Binge Drinking in Adolescents through Implementation of the Strategic Prevention Framework
The Functions and Longitudinal Outcomes of Adolescents’ Naturally Occurring Mentorships
Mentoring Relationship Closures in Big Brothers Big Sisters Community Mentoring Programs
Character Development within Youth Development Programs
Racial‐ethnic Identity in Context
Diverging Paths
Thriving Among African‐American Adolescents
Thriving and Adapting
Profiles of Resilience and Psychosocial Outcomes among Young Black Gay and Bisexual Men
Dominant Cultural Narratives, Racism, and Resistance in the Workplace
Social Change
Exploration of Mechanisms behind Changes after Participation in a Parenting Intervention
Accumulation of Risk and Promotive Factors Among Young Children in US Military Families
The Willingness of Military Members to Seek Help
Disclosing Sexual Assault Within Social Networks
Psychological‐Mindedness and American Indian Historical Trauma
Diversity and Community Can Coexist
Policy Statement on the Incarceration of Undocumented Migrant Families