The “Promise” of Our New Journal
Cashew Nutshell Oil Dermatitis
Allergic Contact Dermatitis: A Historical View of its Mechanism
Occupational Allergic Dermatoses From Textile, Leather, and Fur Dyes
Persulfate Bleach Accelerator—A Potent Contact Allergen in Film Laboratories: Chemical Identification, Purity Studies, and Patch Testing
Studies on the Sensitizing Capacity of Imidazole Derivatives
Bullous Dermatitis in Field Workers Associated With Exposure to Mayweed
Extraction and Patch Testing of Methylcinnamate, A Newly Recognized Fraction of Balsam of Peru
Fragrance and Nickel: Old Allergens in New Guises
Standard Patch Test Screening Series Used Diagnostically in Young and Elderly Patients
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