The Need for Epidemiological Studies
Contact Sensitivity in Pruritus Vulvae: Patch Test Results and Clinical Outcome
Patch Test Reactions to the Chinese Standard Screening Allergens in 1,135 Patients Investigated for Allergic Contact Dermatitis
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Treatment of Poison Ivy/Oak Allergic Contact Dermatitis With an Extract of Jewelweed
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Betaxolol-Associated Hyperpigmentation of the Fingers in a Patient With Unrelated Contact Dermatitis
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A Three-Day Rate of Efficacy of a Moderate Potency Topical Steroid in the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis in Infancy and Childhood
Perineal and Lip Ulcerations as the Presenting Manifestation of Hemangioma of Infancy
A Survey of Respiratory and Dermatological Disease in the Chrome Plating Industry in the West Midlands, UK
Spandex: A Polyurethane Compound for Rubber or Latex-Allergic Individuals
James Ronson Nethercott